ON1 Photo 2 for 1 Sale, Today Only!

Great news! If you order the new ON1 Photo 10.5 by June 6th, you'll also get the next generation - ON1 Photo RAW - when it's available this fall!
ON1 Photo 10.5 is a complete collection of integrated photo editing apps all in one, including Effects Premium Edition, Enhance, Browse, Layers, Portrait, and Resize. Use it as a plug-in to Adobe® Photoshop® and Lightroom® or as a standalone app on Mac or Windows.


Announcing the First New RAW Processor in Years, ON1 Photo RAW

Portland, OR – April 26, 2016 – ON1, Inc. today announced ON1 Photo RAW, the first all-new RAW processor and non-destructive photo editor to be released in more than a decade. With modern code optimized for today’s super-megapixel cameras and high-performance computer graphics systems, Photo RAW will be the world’s fastest, most flexible, and easiest-to-use RAW processor and photo editor on the market when it is released this fall.

The current class of RAW-based photo editors all have their heritage from the early days of digital photography, when most digital cameras had less than 10 megapixels, and computer processing power was a fraction of that found in modern PCs. When used with today’s popular 42- and 50-megapixel cameras, existing programs can often take seconds to render small portions of a RAW image and perform adjustments. Several years in the making, Photo RAW, with its modern RAW processing engine, is tuned for today’s sensors and graphics chips. It will open 50-megapixel images in a fraction of a second on a standard PC or Mac, and perform edits in real-time, without slider lag or frustrating waits for redraw.

Developed over the last several years, ON1 Photo RAW is built around ON1 Browse, the company’s lightning-fast photo browser, and will not require photographers to import and catalog their photos; an often painful and time-consuming process required before editing can begin. ON1 Browse is an integral part of Photo RAW, offering quick and easy ways to tag, rate, make color and tone adjustments, or add effects to their photos. Without catalogs, professionals will be able to make adjustments to photos and fellow colleagues can access and edit where they left off. This combination of a fast photo browser with instantaneous RAW processing will deliver a fluid, streamlined workflow to process any amount of photos all at once. Select one or 101 photos, make a few develop adjustments and all of the photos update automatically in real time.

ON1 Photo RAW’s instruction-based, non-destructive workflow will also surpass today’s RAW processors in other key ways. In addition to customary re-editable adjustments such as exposure, contrast, color, shadows and highlights, Photo RAW will also offer non-destructive effects and portrait retouching, something not present in any photo editor on the market. The complex filters found in ON1 Effects and ON1 Portrait—including Lens Blur, Skin Retouching, Dynamic Contrast, HDR Look and many more—are all available in Photo RAW’s non-destructive workflow. The controls found throughout ON1 Photo RAW will also respond in real-time by leveraging modern video cards, using the latest versions of OpenGL and OpenCL.

ON1 Photo RAW will include built-in layers, brushes, and advanced masking tools, making it a full RAW processor and complete photo editor in a single app. And, unlike any other photo app, Photo RAW will work the way you want, and where you want. For photographers with established workflows, Photo RAW will work seamlessly as a plug-in for Adobe Lightroom®, Photoshop®, and Corel®; a standalone host app for Google® Nik Collection and other photo editors; or as an extension to Apple® Photos. Common file formats—including JPEG, TIF, PSD, PSB, PND, and DNG—will be supported and will benefit from the speed and performance of the app.

Visit ON1's website for more details and the latest news.


Suzanne hits the Trails

Fellow Stocksy photographer Suzanne Clements came out from behind her camera and kindly offered to model on her mountain bike!

Stocksy mini-meet up and MTB shoot

Suzanne Clements and I had the pleasure of photographing two awesome mountain bike riders on Friday. Thanks again KC Pritchard and Paul Chavannes for hitting those jumps again and again!

ON1 Photo 10.1 upgrade with ON1 Resize 10

Portland, OR - February 1, 2016 – ON1, Inc. has announced ON1 Resize 10, the latest version of their award winning GenuineFractals® technology. ON1 Resize 10 has also been added back in ON1 Photo 10.1,  a free update for Photo 10 owners.  

ON1 Resize allows photographers to get the highest quality photo enlargements, using Genuine Fractals technology–patented,  fractal-based interpolation algorithms—to enlarge photos without the loss of sharpness or detail. Popular features like the gallery wrap and tiling options are included, an overhaul of the user interface, and more.

The Gallery Wrap feature creates extended margins for wrapping photos around wooden stretcher bars when printing to canvas. Photographers can preview the gallery wrap results in real time,  allowing them to fine tune their settings speeding up the gallery wrap creation process.

The Tiling Feature gives the ability to divide photos into mosaic tiles for easy printing and proofing. This feature also makes it easier to save and print individual tiles when sending files to a print service provider. It’s also easy to create canvas diptychs, triptychs or mosaics when combined with the gallery wrap feature.

The sharpening methods allow photographers to sharpen small details without causing halos on larger, distinct edges. The sharpening methods can target out-of-focus photos and adapt sharpening amounts automatically to the size of image details.

There are also hundreds of presets to help save time. Presets can also be modified and saved for resizing a photo, applying a specific sharpening amount and adding a gallery wrap– in one step.  The ability to combine several steps and save a preset is a big benefit for workflow efficiency.  

Additional features include batch processing for photos of mixed size, type and orientation, presets for common printer resolutions, presets for panoramic and no-crop sizes, and film grain simulation.


ON1 Photo 10 Now Available

ON1, Inc. has announced ON1 Photo 10 is now available, the next generation of its
photo editing and effects app for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. Version 10 is a
ground-up rework of Perfect Photo Suite 9, optimized for performance, stability and
ease of use. Up to 4x faster than the previous version and requiring less memory to
run, ON1 Photo 10 also includes an integrated mobile workflow, a modern user
interface, and the essential ON1 photo editing tools photographers have come to love.

ON1 Photo 10’s enhancements include:

• A significantly improved Effects module. Filters respond faster than ever before and
presets are easier to find and apply. New preset categories have been added for
popular photography genres, and include settings for color grading and haze
reduction. The Perfect B&W module has been fully integrated into Effects, which lets
you apply any filter—including the popular Dynamic Contrast effect—to your
monochrome images. Lastly, you now have complete control over the organization of
your presets and preset categories, making it easy to customize Effects to work the
way you want.

• Two-way syncing of photos between ON1 Photo 10 and mobile devices with our free
Photo Via app for IOS. Photo Via lets you share albums, smart albums and folders of
photos between your desktop and your iPad or iPhone using Dropbox or Google
Drive. With Photo Via, you can search, rate and share photos easily from any iOS
device, and have the metadata synced back to your desktop.

• Better and faster workflow tools for working with faces in the Portrait module. Find
facial features quicker, even with side views or faces at an angle. Portrait is faster and
better than ever. The new way of working with facial features makes it easier to
retouch the areas you care about.

• Access to Resize from any module, which lets you use the photo enlargement
features of Perfect Resize from any part of ON1 Photo 10. Sharpen, add a watermark,
or create a gallery wrap when you want, without jumping to a different module.

• Color and tone controls that make sense. Use Enhance’s exposure adjustments,
better color controls, and improved highlight and shadow recovery to make your
photos pop before taking them into other editing modules. 

• Browse’s new Smart Albums feature, which lets you put your most important photos
—wherever they are—at your fingertips. You can even automatically publish your
Smart Albums to your mobile device with Photo Via.

• A new export feature, which automates the process of creating photos for printing
and sharing. Take a single photo, or a group of photos, and create whatever size and
file format you need. Combined with our improved batch processing options, we
make it simple for you to print, share and manage your photos without undue

Throughout ON1 Photo 10, you will find an improved user experience, with more
responsive sliders, tools that won't stick, and a user interface that is snappy, modern
and easier to use. Most of ON1 Photo 10’s image processing algorithms utilize modern
video cards (GPUs), providing better overall performance, a new sharing feature for
posting photos directly to Facebook®, Twitter®, Messages®, Mail®, Flickr® and

About ON1 Photo 10
ON1 Photo 10 is a full-featured photo editor that works either as a plug-in editor to
Adobe Photoshop® and Lightroom CC, or as a standalone application. ON1’s open
system allows access to your photos no matter where they are stored: your computer,
your network, or on cloud-based storage services. We support all of the key online
storage services, including Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft’s OneDrive. ON1
Photo 10 works on both Mac OS X (10.8, 10.9, 10.10) and Microsoft Windows (7, 8, 10),
while Photo Via requires iOS 8. Version 10 supports Photoshop CC 2015, CC 2014, and
CS6; Lightroom 6, 5, 4; Photoshop Elements 13, 12 and 11.

Williamsburg, NY

During my trip to NYC last month, I met up with several Stocksy photographers, and one of the places we walked to was Williamsburg.  Unlike its fellow Brooklyn Bridge to the south, which is relatively clean and crowded with tourists from around the world, the Williamsburg bridge is covered with graffiti from one end to the other and has very little foot traffic (at least on the day we were there) which adds up to a photographers dream :-)

For this series I decided to go black & white to allow the character and grittiness of the bridge to shine through.

All of the images below are available for licensing at Stocksy United.

Click on an image to view it larger

New York City

A few of weeks ago I got to spend 5 full days in New York City with nothing to do but roam around and take photos.  I racked up some serious mileage on my poor feet, but I had a great time exploring the city.  The last time I was there was in the late 90's, so with my memory it was like visiting for the first time ;-)

Of course no visit to NYC would be complete without stopping by B&H Photo and doing a little shopping :-)

One of the highlights of the trip was meeting up with several fellow Stocksy members.  We started off the day meeting for lunch in the Lower East Side and ended it by walking over the Williamsburg Bridge into Brooklyn, where we had dinner & beers before calling it a night. (Thanks Holly for letting me use a couple of your photos!)

The only pre-visualized image I had in my mind was visiting Brooklyn Bridge Park at sunset and capturing the New York City skyline.  With that accomplished, the rest of the week was just having a good time roaming around and photographing whatever looked interesting.

The above images are available for licensing at Stocksy United and prints available on Crated.com