Fall Reflections

I was able to make two trips up to the mountains of North Georgia and North Carolina this fall and one of my goals was to find a nice calm body of water to photograph reflections of the fall colors. 

I hit pay dirt when I arrived one afternoon at Vogel State Park in Georgia.  Lake Trahlyta (don't ask me to pronounce it) is a 22-acre lake with a nice easy 1 mile hiking trail around it, offering many good vantage points.  When I arrived mid-afternoon there was very little wind and the lake was very calm with just light ripples on the surface, which gave the reflections a nice painterly appearance.  I was able to spend about hour or so wandering up one side of the lake before a storm started to roll in and the winds picked-up.

Here's just a couple of the photo's I took that day while the lake was calm, enjoy.

Reflections of the fall foliage in Lake Trahlyta

Behind the scenes iPhone shot