B&W Infrared, Part 1

Ever since I shot my first roll of B&W IR film many years ago, I’ve been hooked on it. I just love the look, with its soft white foliage, deep black skies and creamy skin on people. Even though the film was unpredictable and difficult to handle, I shot many rolls over the years. Because of those difficulties and the inability to process the film myself any more, I haven’t shot IR for quite some time.

Kodak High Speed B&W Infrared Film

I’ve tried over the years using many different faux techniques, but it was never quite the same. Although I still got some cool looking photos, I recently took the plunge and converted my old Canon 20D into a IR-only camera. With that, I thought I would dedicate a category just for Digital IR and talk about my experiences and some of the challenges I've already gone through.

Faux B&W Infrared using Photoshop


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