NEW ON1 Video Library!

From ON1,

“We are excited to bring you a new video viewing experience here at ON1. The new ON1 Video Library is our simple-to-use online training resource that aggregates our entire collection of tutorials. The video library is designed to help you find, discover and learn.

Beyond the video tutorials, it is also where customers can find additional assets like presets and practice files associated with each video. Customers will also be able to view both the free and ON1 Plus videos in one place. Free ON1 Plus previews will offer a glimpse inside of ON1 Plus for those interested in taking their photography and photo editing expertise to the next level.

Key Features

Discoverability — Explore and find precisely what you’re looking for without having to search across the web
Powerful Search — ON1 Video Library search scans hundreds of videos and allows you to combine multiple terms and find exactly what you’re looking for in real time and sort those results by date or title
Filters — Beyond searching, you can filter by Apps, Modules, Topics, Skill Level, Instructors to narrow your search results
Customized Content — A sophisticated persona system pushes content related to profiles whether a customer is evaluating a trial, a legacy customer, a current customer, or an ON1 Plus member
Courses — Chronological playlists for watching courses make it easy to get up and running and provide a structured learning path
Free Previews — For those who are not ON1 Plus members, you will peek inside our premium training and view free video previews, course downloads, and outlines
Variety of Videos — The video library includes all types of videos, short and long form, single videos, multi-lesson courses, and mini-series.
As we look to the future, we will continue to expand on the video training, features, and user customization in the ON1 Video Library. We hope you enjoy this new feature of the website.”

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